Monday, May 28, 2007

Happy Birthday Buddha

Hey folks. I figured I'd start this entry with a pic. Why not leave it at the top and save my self the trouble of moving it and repairing all the errors that causes? Am I the only one whose blog goes haywire when I import a pic? Anyways, nice pic eh? I got this at Everland. I've been there 7 times now and I think since the very first time I've wanted to get one of these things done. I absolutely love watching the artists. I like watching the artists who draw the portraits even better than the caricature artists, but couldn't find any this time. I'm pretty happy with this nonetheless. It's like he knew me! And it WILL be what I'm doing soon.

Exam week is June 18 - 22. Then on the 25th I start teaching extra intensive courses for money over and above my salary. July 16th is my last day of intensive courses. Then it's off to Thailand to spend my extra dough on golf and debauchery. I have over a month to spend in Thailand. Or maybe I'll split the time between Thailand and another country. I was hoping to have less of a holiday and more work this summer BUT my new school pulled the same screw job my old school did on me. They promised teachers could work at camps during the holidays and now it has been announced that we can't. I had a camp arranged for late July and early August that would have given me two weeks vacation and I would have finished the camp two weeks before the new semester started. That would have been perfect. But noooooo! Koreans will only tell the truth in business dealings as a last resort.

I would have had the same camp in the winter for the same amount of money. So now in the last two years the, "Oh yes we will give you permission to work at camps" and a couple other lies have cost me about 15 thousand dollars. Actually both years they used that lie amongst others to induce me into signing the contracts so it's cost me 15 thou and two years in Korea. And I know that when I go into the office tomorrow if I see Mee Sook, the one who told me the lie, she's gonna pull the same act that the guys did last year. Tomorrow Me Sook is going to act like SHE'S the one mad a ME! They get angry if you point out their conniving, cheating, lying, stealing, pure fucking evil business practices. Like a guy stabbing you repeatedly with a knife might get mad at you if you tried to dial 911. I don't know if I'll be able to control myself. I may say some things in pure rage tomorrow. I don't think I'll ever be on good terms with my supervisor ever again. And already it looks a lot like I'll be going to YET ANOTHER new school at the end of this contract. Or maybe before. But the new school will just lie to me too. This is working in Korea. Fun fun fun!

I'll talk about the Buddha's Birthday long weekend later. I'm seething right now. I can't write or think anything positive.


The Histrionics of a Fat Housewife said...

My bosses lie, cheat, and steal, plus they poop in their pants and expect to fed, clothed, and CLEANED! You ain't got nothin' on me!

I'm still lingering over the idea of a month in Thailand. I need a vacation. Can I come with?

Dave said...

Woohoo! Meet you there!