Friday, June 08, 2007

Top Ten Surprises on the Sopranos Finale

I'm getting excited to see the finale of the Sopranos. My favourite non-animated TV show is ending for good soon. The latest David Letterman top ten contest is Top Ten Surprises on the Sopranos Finale. I normally only submit one entry to the Letterman top ten contests but this time I am getting greedy. I'm trying for the whole top ten. That would be cool. Here are my ten entries:

10 Janice kills Carmella for ziti recipe.

9 Sil finds out too late he is the first new patient in years for Dr. Kervorkian.
8 Anthony Junior becomes the boss... at a local Toys "R" Us.
7 Meadow enrolls in law school and busts entire family as homework assignment.

6 Mob family war is settled by pitting Paulie Gualtieri against Phil Leotardo in a WWE hairmatch.

5 Tony's new therapist - Dr. Phil!

4 A geneological study shows that the Sopranos are actually Tenors.

3 The "safe"house Tony's gang is holed up in turns out to be one of Carmella's spec houses, which she burns for insurance purposes accidentally killing everyone.

2 Tony gets an extra long lapdance and, BA DA BING, heart attack.

And the number one surprise in the Sopranos Final Episode: Tony gets whacked...
by Stewie Griffin of Family Guy.
Wish me luck.
By the way, I don't know who signed that autograph beside Stewie but it should be Fran Doyle. Sorry bout that, Fran. Liars, cheaters and stealers always prosper eh?


The Histrionics of a Fat Housewife said...

These are good. I mean, I think these are good. I don't actually know since I've never seen the show. Did you get any on Letterman?

I love the name Leotardo, though. I'm thinking he should go by 'tardo. Hee hee!

The Histrionics of a Fat Housewife said...

Btw, I just had to tell ya, I love the new pic! It's awesome. Although, you do look a smidge Korean in it. But, after all that time spent there, I think YOU are actually starting to look a smidge Korean.

And yes, I too have trouble with pics on blogger. Hence I'm leaving and going to Wordpress!

Cory said...

Those are great Dave! I'll be checking to see how many you get on Letterman.
I just signed up on your blog website (you have to be a member in order to leave comments.)
Keep writing your blog. I really enjoy reading it.


Dave said...

Hey Cor. Good to hear from you. And it's always so nice to get comments. It keeps me going. Did you see the finale? What a lame ending! Although I DID enjoy Phil's demise. He's bugged me for a couple seasons. "Say good bye to Grampa." Not ONE of my ideas was right though! Dang!