Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Gwangju Trip

Well it was a good weekend and LONG! I finished marking my midterm exams and hightailed it off to Seoul to start my 5 days of babes, baseball buddies and beer. Kasia will never read this.

I went to pool night wednesday and helped Woodstock win, (just barely), 8-7. Then I helped Woodstock celebrate afterwards. Mi Jeong, Hee Jeong and Mr. Woo were all there. Here's a good pic of MJ Woo and me. Kasia will never read this.

Then I decided to go to Gwangju to visit some friends and watch some baseball. The Kia Tigers had a three game set with the Hanhwa Eagles friday, saturday and sunday. I caught the first game with Kasia and Laurie. WHAT A GAME! Kia was losing till the 8th inning then, BAM! Hong Sae Weon 3-run homer for the win 5-4. Kasia's never gonna read this.
After a huge lunch buffet at VIPS with my good friend Sam Shik, (no pic), next night I went with Min Ha and Min Ah to ball game number 2. They're a cute couple eh? Swordfighting with cocktail swords. Me and MH were looking nervous there because game two was just as tense as game one. The scoring was back and forth. But Kia pulled off another win. This time 5-3. After the game we went out for some wine and cheese. It was expensive but really nice. Perfect post game refreshment eh? Awesome buffet for lunch. Fried chicken at the game then wine and cheese afterwards. No wonder my gut is bustin its way outta my trusty Kia jersey. Kasia will never read this.
So after all that nice eating we decided to go to Maria's house and visit the girls. Maria had Kasia, and Laurie over for a ladies night. Guess what they were drinking. Wine! So we got another bottle and since Maria was out of wine glasses I bought a bathroom toothbrush cup to drink the wine with. All class. Kasia will never read this.
No sooner did we get in the door than we got attacked by estrogen loopy girls armed with mud. So everybody got facials. Yessiree. That'll probly never happen to me again. Notice the little white bathroom cup. Perfect for wine. Kasia will never read this.
So we went from baseball to wine and cheese to facials. What could possibly be next? I guess the night was getting too feminine for me or something. I had to do something manly. So we had a bit of a pillow fight. Actually it was more like pile pillows on Kasia. But it's okay cuz she's never going to read this.
All in all it was a pretty darn good weekend. It was a bit of a downer that I didn't get the full benefit of all that food on Saturday, (and the 45 dollar wine, (I'm sorry, Maria)), AND I left all my toiletries in the bathroom at the motel so had to buy new shaving stuff, deodorant, toothbrush, comb etc. in Eui Jung Boo at the black market before I made it home. Kasia is never going to read this.
Shout out to Maria. Happy 40th! The lovely white cup I was drinking wine from? Birthday gift. Like I said, I'm all class. And Kasia is never going to read this.


The Histrionics of a Fat Housewife said...

I need a girls night. How come I wasn't invited? Kasia's never going to read this. And we never did get to a ball game. The kids missed out on that experience. Kasia's never going to read this. And wine? Why wine when there's soju? Can't beat a good bottle or 5 of soju. Kasia's never going to read this.

Maria said...

The cup is prominently displayed in a Dave shrine above the kitchen sink, since that's where he spent a good bit of time at in the morning. Thanks, Dave. Yah, Kasia doesn't read. You need to stay with pictures and videos.

Min said...

I've found your blog at last. The google site was blocked not to open in my company. Just because of security or something maybe. It was a wonderful experience to visit a girls night and become a Shrek. Thanks David.

Dave said...

Comments! Comments! Wooohooo! Thanks everybody! Heath, when I learn to make soju slushi I'll drink it again. Maria, damn! Why the sink? Sorry again. Min Ha, I think I looked more like Arnie in Predator than Shrek. But I bet Arnie doesn't have such smooth skin!