Thursday, May 03, 2007

I wanna go to camp

The above is a video I just found from a couple years ago. My friend Guns filmed it. It's from a summer camp I did way down in Naju City where all the good pears come from. I was looking through camp pics I've piled up over the years to help out a couple Canadians who are thinking of coming to Korea and doing some camps this summer. They just wanted to see what it was like. Don't worry, I didn't send them this clip.

I got to looking at all these pics and vids and, (God help me!), I almost wished I could do a camp right now. It's a heck of a lot of work but it's a TON of fun! The little teacher swim was during the only 20 minute break during the day time we had for the whole two weeks we were there! Well, I'm exaggerating, but not that much. As you can see they had some pretty strict standards on teachers' attire at the Naju camp too.
I tell you what, if I were a Korean kid I would want to go to the camps I was working at. Even though we acquiesced to the parents sadistic wishes to do classroom English lessons in the mornings, we sure ran those kids ragged making up for all the fun they DIDN'T have during the rest of the year. Ran ourselves a little ragged too as you can tell by the "Kasiawhew" pic. to the right. Heh heh. I love that pic. It sums up the camp so nicely.

I don't know why I'm posting this. Spring fever maybe. Not that I EVER look forward to summer, but I sure DO like the camps. I think it might be because Guns called me today from Vancouver and told me that the Naju camp will be contracted out to Chonnam University this year. Unless I volunteer to be the camp planner, that is. I said no. Teaching is enough excitement for me, thank you. But I really like those kids. The more I look at these pics the more I think I SHOULD just plan the whole camp for them. I know I could do it. The two Canadians I was showing the photos to would work the camp I'm pretty sure. So I'd only have to find a couple more teachers. And with a fool proof schedule and a good camp location things would be pretty smooth. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!! Oigooo! Like that has EVER happened at one of these English camps.

But things always worked out. And after a day of high-stress kid herding, shuffling, dipping, diving, spinning, and pulling last-minute activity and lesson ideas out of our asses, we always had a couple hours after the kids were fed, drugged, soundly whooped and put to bed, to center our souls with beer, smokes and yoga. Guns is the guy on top. He took the kids on their morning hike around the rice fields and his band rocked the place on the last day of camp. He's the lead singer. Ji is our instructor at the bottom. She did yoga while Guns' crew was hiking in the morning. Because of them us teachers got to sleep one hour more than the students each morning. That was awesome! I always forget the other guy's name. Lots of the female campers had crushes on him though. Ah summer love...

Man we had fun! But, I guess I can't live in the past. Two years can change a lot! Two of the four people in this yoga pic. will be in Canada this summer. And one of them won't be the Canadian either. Two Koreans for one Canadian? Is that the going rate? I'm not sure if that's fair market value for a valuable commodity like me or not. Oh well, they might sneak the third guy into Vancouver too. Hee hee. I better stop before I do something foolish like make a long distance call to Canada and tell Guns I'll do the camp.

I might have some rugby pics in the next post. Saturday some of the teachers I work with will be playing and some of us will be cheering. Then we'll all be doing some drinking afterwards. Should be fun.

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The Histrionics of a Fat Housewife said...

Me, too. I wanna go to camp... and get stuck in the slide. Although, truth be told, I wouldn't even fit in the slide to get stuck in it.

Ah, yes. I miss Korea. No, I won't come do a camp.