Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Surprise Holidays

Hey everybody. Well yesterday was about the worst day yet for the sinosand. There were warnings on the American Forces TV network telling people to stay indoors and shut all windows. Of course if you listen for any extended period of time to the non-stop paranoia on that channel you'll want to stay indoors and keep all windows shut anyway. But at least they have good stuff to watch when you're indoors with your windows shut. I am watching the 5 p.m. Wheel of Fortune as I blog. Before and After-Rocky Mountain High-Heeled Shoes. Hee hee. And I'll have to end this session within half an hour to give my full attention to the 5:30 Jeopardy. They have Simpsons, Survivor and even American Chopper too. God bless America! I cleaned the little slots that my windows slide on yesterday and I think I could have planted a garden in the dirt I found there. Or at least made an egg timer. But today is sunny, fairly clear and hot. But not the June, July Monsoon humid hot. It's a nice hot. A really nice day. And it was only made better at work. So for the second time in three entries, I'm gonna tell you about something I love about Korea. Maybe blogging is bringing out the glass-half-full in me. I went to work yesterday and my one monday class told me that all the male students have to do a day of military training so they asked me to cancel next week's class. I tried to act disappointed, but just couldn't pull it off. I think the high-fives I gave the students may have been a tad unprofessional, but whatareyagonnado? And I also found out that Friday is Children's Day in Korea. So I don't have to work Friday either. You know what that means! To paraphrase the Simpsons, Marge-"The boss says if you don't come in to work today, don't bother coming in monday." Homer-"Woohoo! 4-day weekend!" Dave-"Woohoo! 4-day weekend!" Homer Simpson is my hero. I realize he's just an actor but... Oh yeah, Simpsons come on after Jeopardy too I think. Woohoo! And if that ain't enough to keep me indoors with the windows closed, Family Guy is on right after The Simpsons. Got my Jiffy Pop at the ready. Well Jeopardy is starting, so to sum up, I love surprise holidays in Korea! See ya next blog everybody!

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