Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Dark comments from the Dude

Dear Duder,
I'd like to know how you got such a long comment! I can't seem to post a comment more than a few lines long on other blogs I read. I sure did appreciate your comment though. I was beginning to think people had stopped reading my blog. And since I can't adequately comment on your comment in a comment of my own I figured I'd make another post. We are in agreement although it may not seem so from your comment. In fact your comment, and if I may say so, your marriage, goes a long way toward illustrating the points I was making. To paraphrase what I think you said, the laws are designed to "protect" women who are in marriages that are "joint ventures". I believe they should be protected. And I think it's just common sense that in a joint venture, any profits or losses from the institution of the partnership to its solvency should be equally shared. That's pretty much the definition of one. You guys have a dream marriage and you're probably the perfect wife. And I don't think either of you is looking for the sweetheart deal. But I think you are unfortunately the exception nowadays. I've witnessed enough divorces and I've seen plenty of good people become greedy grinches in divorce court to know that the purposes of these laws are not usually what they are used for. They are more often used to vengefully get every penny that can be gotten whether or not it's warranted. This is the ugly perversion I was talking, or "whining" about. Waaahh! These circumstances are what have lead to the creation of the prenuptial agreement. And here's another of the womanly wiles used in the matrimony negotiations: Why is it that marriage, which is protection for women, (usually), is roundly viewed as romantic while when the prenup, protection for men, (usually), is offered, the first thing the recipient says is, "That's not very romantic." Perhaps there needs to be a wildly expensive formal ceremony with guests and cake and flowers and music and grain throwing to accompany the serving of the prenup. At any rate, I think your last line was the best support you gave me. And believe me, if I could learn to suck cock and like it, I would be very happy. Because if I found a mate, got married, (which is a benefit my country offers that won't be taken advantage of by me), I wouldn't have to worry about an ugly divorce. We'd probably just settle out of court like business partners in a joint venture and with a handshake, or even, (ewwww), a kiss, be on our ways. But I'm still lookin for a gal who wants one of those joint ventures. And call me crazy but I'm looking for love, friendship, companionship, and a partner I can share a few laughs with. We are the only species that does that. Well apart from hyenas I suppose. And some species of birds. Dogs smile. Oh and sorry to hear about your little kitty. That was sad. And keep the Mommy mobile in the shop as long as possible! Cherokees ROCK! That might be what I'd get if I could pick any vehicle and if gas wasn't so expensive.

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The Histrionics of a Fat Housewife said...

But here, you said, " any profits or losses from the institution of the partnership to its solvency should be equally shared."

I disagree. I think I should get money to support myself in the manner in which I have become accustomed until which time I remarry or get a job or win the lottery. And while I agree there are plenty of women who take advantage of this, marrying solely for money, there are plenty of men who marry thinking they are getting sex on demand, a maid to clean up after them, a cook to make their "just like my mama makes" meals, and can rid themselves of the beast once she fattens up and wrinkles.

Both sexes are fucked. So really, you'd need to be able to suck your own dick and like it. That's the only way.

Marriage isn't all fun and games. There are a lot of sacrifices. Personally, I think most parties in successful marriages believe they put in more than they get out. If that's true, then where is that extra going? Sucked into the marriage black hole? I wonder.

Oh, and I don't know why you can't comment a book and a half. Maybe you should check your settings? I don't know. Try commenting a long ass post on mine and see what happens.

Also, DONNY, paragraphs. Use 'em. My eyes are going crossed here reading your blog. How's that Legion of Wontas?