Friday, August 03, 2007

A few more pics

I made another major purchase. It was kind of spooky how it worked out. I was using my old camera to take some pics down at the beach and it just jammed. The lens can't go all the way in or out. So now it's completely useless. But I was just around the corner from the place I saw the camera I wanted last year. So I went back and there it was. The shockproof, waterproof Olympus 770 SW. I like it already. So I'm gonna show you some pics from it:

To your left you see the scorecard from my latest round of golf. Just yesterday, (Thurs.). Well the front 9 anyway. I'm "D". Not bad eh? Bogey golf. I'll take it. I golfed with Gord, Mel and Storm. Storm was hilarious. He owns one of the bars across from Memories/Gorkles. He improved a lot on the back nine. I did okay on the back too but had a couple of holes I couldn't finish so don't know my real score. The course was super busy. So we were being rushed by everybody. I absolutely hate that. It's like those assholes who blow their horns in traffic gridlock. Like it's gonna help at all. On my first hole I put my drive into the woods. Not deep though. I could see the ball from the tee. But while we were driving to it I saw a guy from a hole beside us playing a ball from where mine was. I think it was mine cuz I couldn't find mine. But while I was looking the dipshit course marshall told the other guys to hurry up. So I dropped a ball and shot. It went over the green. When I got to it everyone was finished the hole and the guys behind us were firing at the green. So I had to pick up my ball, go to the next hole and wait for not one but TWO groups ahead of us to tee off. Gord was scoring and he gave me an 8. No way I woulda got an 8. Then it happened to me AGAIN! I hit what felt like a really good shot but nobody including my caddy and me, saw it. It just disappeared. And you can't spend a minute looking or you forfeit the hole. Cuz we all had to hurry up and wait. I really HATE golfing like that. But I'm happy with the front nine.

Above are two holes from the course I've golfed most here. It's called Phoenix. I've been there twice this year and did it once last year. Gorgeous eh? Look closely at the mountain in the pic on the right and you can see a huge Buddha carved into it. All I've done so far is golf and drink here. But I ain't complaining. I'm going out again Sunday and then Tuesday I'm entered into a Texas Scramble tournament with Gord, Joe and another guy. Should be a blast.

Below are a couple shots of the beach area. I was testing my new cam's night ability. Boy, you need a steady hand lemme tell ya. The bright lights out on the water are boats. I think they might have casinos on them but I'm not sure. Walking street is a street that's lit up like a Christmas Tree at night. Other than that and its multitude of fish and seafood restaurants, there is really nothing else about Walking Street that could be related to Christ or Christian ethics if you know what I'm saying... Heh heh heh. But I DID find an awesome rock bar called Climax underneath a go-go bar where half naked girls stand outside on a stairway and beckon in foolish men. The band at Climax was superb. I WILL return. It reminded me a lot of Woodstock in Seoul. I promise to get better with the new cam so I can get some really good underwater shots. See you then.

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