Sunday, July 29, 2007

The golfing is good.

Hey everybody. I just thought I'd post a couple of pics from the courses around here to show you all how nice they are. I'm at a computer that costs a baht a minute and the space bar doesn't work every time so this won't be a long post. Been out twice and going again tue. I would have golfed more but there's some kind of holiday here now. Courses are closed. First round I shot 52/53 105. The new clubs are great! Bought a full set from Gord, the guy who owns Memories bar. Actually that's where I'm staying too. He gave me a great deal on the room and the clubs. (That's him in the beige shirt on the left.) BUT, Memories is now a memory. An Australian guy bought it from Gord and it's now called Gorkle's. Anyway, the second round I got 48/48 96. So I'm getting better. My putting and chipping sucks too. So when they get better I should be down to bogey golf or better.

The other guy in both pics is Danny. I golfed with him both times. We went to Phoenix, (pic 1) and Greenwood, (pic 2).

And that's Danny putting all his weight on his partial foot in pic 3. But he got a good shot out of it. I met a new bunch of golfers through Ray, the owner of Gorkles so I should be able to go out more often. I'll try to take more pics. Anyways, farewell to Memories and hello Gorkle. And in golf, farewell hundreds and hello 80's and 90's.

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