Monday, July 09, 2007

The Canadian dollar is going through the roof! It's at the highest point I've ever seen it. I'm quite pleased that I sent money home 20 cents ago. I actually made myself a little bit of a profit.

But the economists were wary! They were warning Canada not to let the dollar get too strong. I didn't hear details about what disastrous occurances might be the results but they all seemed to think we'd piss off Americans. Well now the results are trickling in. We take away their cross-border shopping bonanzas and this is the type of thing they do! Fiends!

Oh sorry. That "this" was supposed to be a link but as I type this the homerun derby is underway at the MLB All Star Game. I tried to join a contest where you pick the winners of each round. First you rank the ten players from first to 10th. Then you predict the total homeruns from the first round. Then you predict the homeruns from all rounds combined. Then you fill out a form with all your information on it. Name, address, phone number, email etc. If you get all predictions correct, you win 10,000 of those weak American dollars. Hee hee hee.

But when I pressed the "enter" key a message came up that read, "Sorry, only real phone numbers accepted."

I am so offended! Because I typed in a Canadian phone number it's not REAL??? So by extension Canadians aren't REAL!!??? Oh you just wait Give us a few more months and with our strong dollar we'll have major league teams in Nunavut and Saskatchewan!!!

Why, I'm so outraged I hope Justin Morneau kicks everybody's asses in the homerun contest. He's Canadian you know. From New Westminster.

Oh and by the way, the title of this entry was supposed to be "Go Justin Go" but I can't put titles on my blog entries any more. Probly another of the prices we Canadians pay for our strong dollar. Sigh.

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