Monday, July 09, 2007

You can't see that can you? Aww crap! Oh well. We're doing a chapter on abnormal psychology in my class right now. We did this today. It was a really funny psych. test I give my students every now and then. All it is is a bunch of really simple squares with shapes inside. The first one is a square with a circle in the upper left corner, the second has a circle in the bottom left, the third has a circle in the middle etc. I get the kids to encorporate the shapes into some kind of drawing then write an adjective below the pics. Each square has a meaning. You can't really see it but in the third square she drew a pic of me, (a flatteringly thin and hairy me), and wrote the word "nice". I know it's just a ploy to get extra marks but it worked! This girl is passing MY class! That square meant how other people see you. (The student who did this).

Then in the last square she drew a girl throwing some trash into a garbage can and wrote the word "dirty". That square means your feelings after having sex for the first time. Ha ha ha.

Square #5 she drew some lovers and wrote "lovely". This represents her feelings about death. It's a great exercise. I've been doing it for years and the student always love it. I think I got it from back in the days when I worked with Heather at Pagoda Hagwon. Do you remember this lesson Heath?

Then there was THIS one!!! Holy cow! The student who did this is one of the, umm most unique guys I've ever taught too. The two squares at the bottom that he joined represent his feelings after the first time having sex and his relationship with his loved one. He wrote, (incorrectly), "life a tunnel". Ha ha ha. And the door to that tunnel on which he wrote "life moon, (door in Korean), choise open cloes" That is supposed to represent something he gives his friends. LMFAO!!! I hope I'm not his friend cuz I don't want to be invited into the door to his loved one's sexual tunnel.

It's too bad you can't read the other ones too. Hilarious! Then to make things even more funny he comes to me after they got into groups and compared psych. tests and says, "I losing my face. Before test normal. Now psycho." That meant he lost face. Students used to think he was normal but not any more. Don't worry though, nobody thought he was normal before. But I told him not to worry. Normal is boring. I think he's still worried.

It's amazing how accurate this lesson is. And always fun. You want it? Lemme know.

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