Sunday, June 04, 2006

Here we go again...

Another week, another handful of stories out of Canada that make me want to return as an immigrant. They've got it made in Canada. They can do just about anything and our government will "fight" to keep them in Canada. I'm sure most of you have heard the most recent example. I love the part where the relative says, "They're not terrorists! Come on! They're students!" Well, as explained in this blog before, people don't really have to honour their student visas in Canada. We have a whole pile of "students" in our country with plenty of idle time to pursue illegal employment or plan crimes because they don't have to go to school. I bet they pass though. One student I wrote about before, Min Chen, who kidnapped and killed a little girl, got himself 15 years and that was enough to encourage the Canadian government to state that he "MAY" be deported upon his release from prison. Then there's this guy, the poster boy of Chinese business. "I may have bought some people new cars," or gave them piles of money, "but I didn't bribe anyone." He was expected to be deported and because the Chinese government, who make this guy look like a church bakesale vendor, didn't get their fair share from him, he would have been killed or tortured. So, lo and behold, we're keeping him too! I'm sure he's an honest businessman and will be a great citizen. He even said so, in Chinese, and why would we not trust a Chinese billionaire? I'm sure Bush wouldn't let this guy stay in the U.S. He thinks everyone should sing the national anthem in English and speak English in America. He should probably learn the word, "NUCLEAR" instead of saying "nucular" all the time, before he makes comments like that. Nonetheless, I think we need to take a page out of the playbook of our neighbours to the South. Bush may have the right idea here. Did I say that? Cracking down on immigration deficiencies is long overdue in Canada. Why hasn't somebody done something? Well, this might be a good indication of why. Look at the spineless, wimp we got in charge of immigration! Looks like Canadian immigrants have discovered how to get to this guy. I'm gonna apply for Korean citizenship while I'm here. Then I'll return to Canada on a student visa. That might be the only way to get a good job there. Where is the "oh brother" eye rolling emoticon when I need it?

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