Wednesday, June 07, 2006


What do you do on the last day on earth? It's something I have thought about a few times. But I forgot yesterday was the day the AntiChrist was supposed to blow the world up. What a thing to forget! Then again, it's still June 6th in some parts of the world NOW I think. Which begs the question, what time does the AntiChrist have? And that brings up the question, what kind of watch is the Evil One sporting? Rolex? Timex? Mickey Mouse? Is he on Jarusalem time? American time? Asian time? All stumpers.
If you notice the date on the picture to the right, it's not 06/06/06. I just included the pic cuz that's basically how I felt yesterday. And I think he's just plain cute. Alex isn't too bad either. Ar ar ar.
I'll tell you what I did cuz I think it was as good a day as any. I woke up at 10 in my room at the hotel where I always sleep off long nights of drinking in Seoul. I've flopped there enough times that I actually have a "usual" room. It's 119. 11:00 is check-out time so I had an hour to get used to my hangover and summon the energy to shower and shave and all those other "sh" words. I had spent a couple hours the night before with Heather, Mike, Reilly and Roman on the roof of the Nashville restaurant. I love the roof of the Nashville restaurant and they have the best burgers in Korea there, which you can eat on the roof while drinking Red Rock for the same price as local beer. Then my buddy Kasia came by and had a beer and a half with me. She left me to go on a hot date with some other guy. So, I went where I usually go, and more often "end up", Woodstock. It's my favourite bar in Korea and within easy staggering distance of room 119. Incidentally, 119 is the Korean 911. So it's a perfect room for my purposes.
When I'm in Seoul I sometimes wanna go where everybody knows my name. So I Tae Won Woodstock is the place. The stool next to the DJ booth has my ass print in it. They don't say "DAVE!" when I walk in, but the DJ will throw on some Rush for me. I had a good night with several people who knew my name shootin the shit, drinking sambuca shots, playing pool, smoking all my cigars, listening to some mighty fine tunes and ensuring that if the world were to end, I would be goin out with a hangover.
Doomsday at 11:00 after just checking out of 119, I had to eat. Since 119 is in the same building as McDonalds I had some Mcbrunch there. Then at noon I met Kasia and Christy at Burger King. We walked around in the midday heat looking for a tea set Kasia wanted to give a relative as a wedding present. Got a good one too. Then we went to the Three Alley Pub at 4 pm. to have the ribeye. It was GORGEOUS as usual.
Around 6 o'clock, the appropriate time for the world to end, Christy went home on the subway and Kasia and I decided to visit a few more friends while still on the earth. We walked to Mike and Heather's just in time to catch the end of a game of Memory Heather was playing with Reilly Kate. I won't tell you the score but Heather got her azz whooped. hee hee hee. Then Heather pulled the lasagna out of the oven. I really should have eaten with them since you just don't count calories when you're gonna die and lasagna is a rare treat here in Korea, but Kasia and I were still full from the steak. Also, lasagna always knocks me out. The picture, (finally I get to the picture), was taken the last time I ate lasagna. I made some at my friends' house near Pyung Taek back in March. As you can see lasagna's soporific effects on me can be hazardous to small children. Alex was okay though, don't worry. But I didn't want to endanger the lives of Reilly or Roman.
Anyway, Kasia and I both went home after our visit and we both woke up and went to work the next day. As yet, still no appearance by the AntiChrist. Another Armageddon averted. Woohoo! Now I have to go to the gym to work off my hedonistic, end-of-the-earth shenanigans. But it was well worth it!

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The Histrionics of a Fat Housewife said...

I kicked her scrawny fucking ass all over the living room today in a killer game of Memory (Scooby Doo Memory -- the best kind). Final score 17-6!!!

Take that you not as smart as you think you are little four year old beast! MAMA RULES!!!