Monday, June 26, 2006

Sawas dee cap

Hey everybody! Greetings from Thailand. That's what the title means in case you were a wondering. Lemme say right off the bat I hope you appreciate this posting because I just spent 40 minutes doing a really nice post complete with several pictures and lost it. Thai computers are getting better but they're still not as wired here as Korea. Oh well, take two.
I haven't YET had any real big misadventures that I know of. But the vacation is young and I'm still in the relatively comfortable confines of the Khao San road area. Tomorrow morning I'm going to Kanchanaburi to see the tiger temple and the bridge over the river Kwai with Kasia.
I've been hanging out with Kasia and a friend she met named Claudia for a couple days and we've had some fun. We went to Siam Square the other day. It's a very impressive, ultra modern mall here in Bangkok. We did some black light bowling, I ran through a fountain and we all ate at the sizzler. It was good food but I found a little tiny cockroach in mine. The three of us pigged out for the equivalent of about 14 bucks so I didn't really want to complain about the extra protein. So this is what we did instead. They probly got the message.
I've noticed a few changes since I was here last about 5 years ago. The biggest two changes are good, but not so good. First, there are all kinds of bank machines - FUNCTIONAL bank machines around here. I brought all kinds of American cash but it turns out I didn't have to. Now I can get all the cash I want. Hmmmmm...
The second good and bad change is a 24-hour Mickey Dees right down the street from my hotel. (He says as he surreptitiously leans over and cracks off a Big Mac and gin/tonic fart and hopes nobody at the internet corner notices). So far I haven't eaten there before 3 am. Nuff said. I gotta include the pic of Ronald Mcdonald doing the Thai greeting. He looks a bit freaky doesn't he? Like he poisoned all the french fries. Maybe he's been into the Thai tree. Hee hee hee.
I'll include one more pic although that's what is killing me here. I gotta put it in though. It's a classic. I took an after breakfast walk and went by the Grand Palace. On the way I saw a monk in the orange robe I absolutely had to take a pic of. If you look closely, YES, he is talking on a cell phone. HA HA HA HA. That just killed me.
Well, I hope this works. It's almost time to go to the fights. I'm gonna watch some Muay Thai tonight. I'll post more about my Thai adventure for sure.

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Cory said...

Hey Dave, I'm so jealous that you are in Thailand. I was wondering any tranny's yet? :) That Ronald McD statue id hilarious!.