Saturday, February 16, 2008

Camaguin Island, (part III), Sunken Cemetary

This is where I did the best snorkelling of the trip. And I went snorkelling quite a few times. But I saw all kinds of nice stuff. You can kinda see the life under the water in this shot. And lemme tell ya it was lively down there! In the cemetary. Hah. A couple nice pieces of coral I saw. And they were just shallow enough to get that nice wavy sunlight on them. I love that. I just wish I could fit them in side by side like I can while I type here. But then when I see the finished product they're always on top of each other. Oh well. Still nice.

I was always careful not to step on anything alive, fragile, poisonous or things like that. But I did have one little scare. I stepped on something that felt like a piece of glass. But the pain just kept going. I thought I'd better get someone to look for me so I hopped over to Mal and asked what was on the bottom of my foot. And there was this little, tiny crab holding on for dear life. It was cute. I got a pic of him but it's too blurry to include here.

There are just too many to post. But I'll post one last pic. My favourite fish, the clownfish, swam right up to me to say hello. It's hard to get a good pic of them because they are always looking at you and so you can't get the side view with the nice colours. But I like this pic. You can see the sea anemone in the background where he calls home. I wonder why they only allow clown fish in them. Maybe they like them like me. I have other clownfish pics too. But I'll make a new post for White Island.

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