Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Some I Tai Won Folks

I post a lot about going to I Tae Won and having fun with folks there but haven't had the foresight to bring a camera and take pics until now. Actually on my birthday I took my cam to get pics of Lance, Meagan, and some of the crew at Stompers, (Dwayne's bar), but as soon as I aimed and pressed the button for my first pic my battery died. So it'll be a little while before I can put pics of them here. However, I went to I Tae Won last night, (Tuesday), to shoot some pool with Mr. Woo and Me Jeong and to pay my tab at Debut. I think I got some good shots of everybody. Except Mr. Woo. Hee hee hee. He doesn't normally look like this. I'll convince him to let me win a few games of pool in exchange for removing this pic from this site.

He's the best pool player I've ever known. Me Jeong, on the other hand, (the WAY other hand), is not known for her pool playing. She's my favourite waitress at Woodstock, (Mr. Woo's bar). She's also one of them models you see posing beside hot cars. I gave her a nickname, "Astrogirl" because she has HUGE, cute eyes like Astroboy. But she doesn't want anyone to hear that nickname. So I'll remove that information from this site if she ever beats me at pool. She almost beat me one time when she was doing sexy poses to distract me while I shot. She's a babe eh? I don't know this other dude. But I took a ton of his money playing Texas hold em with a 500 won minimum bet. But I used the money to buy rounds of shots. So really Mr. Woo won the card playing since most of the money ended up in his till. But I was on fire last night. I am just very lucky at gambling. You know what they say about being unlucky in love and lucky at cards. It's true for me. It probly helped that I was sporting my gambling shirt too.

So after cards and pool at Woodstock I made my way half way up The Hill to Debut. Debut is owned by Polly. She has a few bars I think. Probly a gozillionaire. I just like her. She's super nice. And her rubber gloves are nice too. Heh heh. And my musical soulmate Ha Young was in fine form last night. I think we look good together. She looks amazing in these pictures. Another babe. My future ex-wife. She played good tunes as usual too. I had a few caucasians with Polly and Ha Young and caught the 6 AM subway back home. I got up at the crack of noon, listened to some hockey on nhl.com and wrote this. That is what I do and who I do it with. Well NOT who I "do it" with, although hope springs eternal, but you know what I mean. Geez I look 40 in that hug picture don't I? Beauty and the beast.

Just in case you're wondering, I've taken thousands of pics of Koreans and in more than half of them the people are giving the peace sign. Two fingers. I got into the habit of holding up three fingers just to be different. Or as Koreans would say, "wonkda". I'll try to post more pics. So that'll give me an excuse to go to I Tae Won. Gotta get pics for my blog. Anyway, see you later. Don't forget to post comments. A comment always makes my day.

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The Histrionics of a Fat Housewife said...

Isn't that the war sign? W for war? Instead of peace?

Baby crying... gotta go... but I do so miss Itaewon. Really. I could go for a night out about now. And a pack of smokes.