Saturday, April 14, 2007


Let's see now, headache - check, empty wallet - check, ringing in ears from loud music - check, girl in bed - dammit, no check. But I DO have a new number on my phone. My music soulmate Ha Young plugged her name into my phone. She also made me a little birthday cake by stacking up five or six Choco Pies and putting 4 long candles in the top one. She's awesome.

So long story short, I had a good 40th birthday. I didn't feel 40 last night. Although I kinda do today. Lance and the band were great as usual. I got my share of birthday drinks. Saw a lot of friends and still managed to make it home from I Tae Won at about 7 AM. All in all a good night. Although I did run out of cash at one point and there were NO bank machines open. Me and Ha Young checked all over the place. But I ended up running up a tab at Debut, the bar where she spins the discs. I wonder how much THAT'll cost me next time I visit. I tend to buy lotsa drinks when I don't see the money changing hands. That's why I have lived for 40 years without a credit card. Don't trust myself with one. I actually remember ringing the bell at Debut last night too. Hmmmmm. Oh well, you only turn 40 once, right? So I'm still on the YOUNG and FOOLISH side of 40. Thank God. I gotta go nurse a hangover and a cold. Think I'll order pizza. See you next time.

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