Friday, July 14, 2006

Back in Korea

Well, first things first, as promised, here's that 5-dollar pic of me feeding the little tiger. Isn't she cute? She had really huge feet. That was the cutest thing about her to me. I'm sure she will have grown into those feet by the time I go back to visit her again. And I WILL go back. I had a great time in Pattaya. And I am fully educated on the place now. I went to Fatty's Restaurant one night and while waiting for my meal I read a little Pattaya guide book called Money Number One. Even if you aren't a single man, or aren't planning to visit the place, give this book a read. And it's now been updated too. I was laughing my ass off in the restaurant reading it.

Last entry, I was moving from room #2 to room #4. It was a bit of a downgrade, but still really good accomodations. I talked to the cook at my hotel and she turned me onto these little, yellow pills that allowed me to venture out more. If you know what I'm saying... So I managed to squeeze in three rounds of golf at three different courses in the Pattaya area. I golfed Phoenix, Thai Navy and Treasure Hill. They were all absolutely gorgeous courses. I think I liked Phoenix the best but I golfed my best at Treasure Hill. Even got a birdie! Woohoo! But I still spent a lot of time in the woods and in the sand, "looking for the treasure".

But I think the best part of the golfing was the group of guys I golfed with. Loads of fun. And none of them are gonna be on the tour any time soon so I wasn't intimidated by their golfing expertise. Just a casual group of Singha-swilling hackers who all have the whack-fuck sickness as bad as I. I'm sure I haven't seen the last of them.

I had a blast in Pattaya! I highly recommend it. I even got to use my new snorkelling gear down at the beach. Next time I'll go out to Ko Lan and do some real snorkelling. But I was quite content to watch the soccer and play bar games and pool with the girls at the Atlantic Club just down the street from my hotel. Apart from some small problems like not knowing whether the locals were saying "seventy" or "twenty" baht, (they both sound like "teventy" to me), it was a trouble-free vacation. A first for me!

Now it's back to the old grind in Korea. I'm choosing between two kids' camps here starting next week. I'll be sure to take pics and tell you all the details. See ya later.

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Keith said...

Hi David, glad you got back OK and that your time in Pattaya was well spent. Thanks for the paragraph about your golfing exploits. As I was one of those 'Singha-swilling hackers' I enjoyed your company and at times your golfing prowess made me look good. Having observed your swing, may I suggest that you have too much LOFT........ (lack of fucking talent)and you might also try shortening your clubs. Best way to do this is to break them in half and throw them in the nearest skip!!! For anyone reading this and contemplating a trip to Pattaya seeking some good fun and good company, check out The Traveller's Rest Golf Society, Soi LK Metro, off Soi Dianna, you will be made most welcome. If you can't find it then call me on 095449094.

Looking forward to seeing you again David in the near future.

Your golf coach and buddy,