Friday, September 26, 2008

Wow! So far not so good.

Great start for Survivor. Boy was I wrong on some of my calls! But some could still be right.

Ace - Lied about his job. Paloma doesn't like him and Marcus and Charlie think he's digging his own grave by talking too much. But after the very beginning of the show Ace disappeared. Probly see more of his grave digging next week.

Bob - People are liking him. He was building a bench before Koda had a chance to eat but that was just to show everybody his usefulness. And he has been useful.

Charlie - His relationship with Marcus is gonna be fun to watch. I'm not so sure he has no shot either. I called a bi-curious relationship but not between these guys. He also lied about his job. Probly smart. He already reminds me of Todd the flight attendant by how he's playing the game so far. And Todd won.

Corrinne - Surprisingly picked last and picked by Jaque. I think that's why she likes Jaque so far but I still don't think they'll get along. I wonder how long it'll take her to see she's an extra passenger in the Charlie/Marcus alliance and vote one of them out.

Crystal - The track star looked more like a preschool teacher in the foot race. What did she come in second to last? Unreal! Haven't seen her power yet. Gillian picked her first and she was maybe the keenest on voting Gillian out. Just as I thought she doesn't seem to be there to make friends. Seems to think Dan's pretty smart but is cautious of him for it.

Dan - Very interesting so far! The lawyer who doesn't lie! I'll remember he said that. Said he's finding himself during introductions. It might take him a LONG time to find himself if trying to find the idol on Exile Island is any indication. "Cross the lake is a sandy crater" - "Okay," says Dan, "it must be in the lake." He looked for 5 or 6 hours? Did he EVER cross the lake? Doesn't like GC for quitting the leadership role. Wants to be a silent leader. Maybe a blind leader...

GC - Hasn't this guy seen Survivor before? Why would anyone accept the leadership role? Dan and Randy weren't impressed with him. He was the fastest up the hill and right now his tribe needs athletes so he's pretty safe. But he wasn't diggin the diggin. Quit at the challenge, quit the leadership role, he might be a marked man once the dead weight is gone.

Gillian - Could I have been more wrong!?! Even Probst told her to put the cheering into the deep freeze. She thought it was AWESOME the way her tribe kept losing because of her! I didn't think she'd drag them down but she sure did. But in a very positive way. Two mistakes she made: She didn't do anything for Randy's knock on the noggin to show her medical usefulness; and Mrs. Positivity sure didn't sound so cheerful talking about "gum flapping" and blah blah blahing while she's trying to sleep. But I think she was a goner anyway. So I guess she's not gonna be the oldest winner ever.

Jaque - When Kelly picked her I saw visions of the first survivors sent home for blonde on blonde action. But Jaque seems to like Corrinne better than Kelly. Haven't seen much of Jaque yet. Maybe she's just trying to blend. Hasn't yet started her "accidental flirting."

Sugar - She's just cute! Ace picked her to remind everyone he's a photographer. That's the only impact she's had so far. But my favourite scene from episode one was her giggling at the flopping fish.

Kelly - I wonder if Kelly will be invited into the Marcus/Charlie alliance. She's not yet "snoozing" anyone but the only candidates would be Ace, (who chose Sugar and might like her), and Marcus, (who just might plum the depths of his sexuality with Chucky). So maybe she WILL flirt with Jaque. I'm not giving up on THAT call yet.

Ken - Has already impressed his friends by getting a boob flash during the snack he had with Michelle. I think he might have even got some action there if she stuck around. Man that's gotta suck for him! He's doing okay so far but IS viewed as one of the weaker guys on his team. But there WERE a few ahead of him in that area. Now he's gotta be getting nervous.

Marcus - He's 28, a doctor, hot, why IS this guy still a bachelor? Charlie can't figure out why there aren't a million girls jumping all over him. I hope Sugar hits on him. That'd be interesting. Even though Marcus says he doesn't roll THAT way, maybe old Charlie ain't barking up the wrong tree here. This could be REALLY fun!

Matty - So far no disappointment here. He was one of the guys taking breaks during the digging but he's a partier, not a worker.

Michelle - Well she won't get sprayed by any hippo diarrhea. Her bigger problem was VERBAL diarrhea. I don't blame her for calling her team out for slacking during the challenge but maybe a little more tactfully? She was too skinny anyway and I didn't want to see her lose more weight. When the geniuses on her team were trying to start a fire by getting spark off the skull I thought they could probably do better whacking Michelle with the machete. Those same geniuses who were losing physical challenges voted their most athletic girl off first. Dummies. They got it right the second time though.

Paloma - She doesn't like Ace and was laughing at his yoga instruction. I liked that part. She's pretty cute but I don't know if she's got the smarts to win. Too early to tell.

Randy - Yup, liking this guy already. His strategy of letting the other people crash and burn will probably work. I was really impressed when he made the fish hook. That'll score him points with his team too. But being chosen with Gillian and Susie to make the puzzle in the challenge wasn't a vote of confidence from his team. Guess they don't know about his 100 triathlons. He and Crystal really don't like Gillian or anybody really. Maybe that'll draw them together.

Susie - Gotta be the next to go if Fong loses another physical challenge.

Maybe "Koda" means "boobs and butts" and "Fong" means "gumption and guts". I wasn't expecting the teams to be so uneven. But I think once Susie goes Fong will win some challenges. Who will go first from Koda? Ace? Kelly? Paloma? Sugar? I'm still guessing Ace.

Should be fun.

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