Tuesday, August 29, 2006

NFL and Survivor

Okay, I admit, I watch too much TV. WAY too much. But I live in Nothingtodoesville, Korea. At least I haven't taken up crime or drugs to kill the boredom, (as far as you know). I'll tell you what has me excited these days: waiting for NFL football and Survivor to start. But I'm not "excited" about Survivor the way a lot of people seem to be. And to tell you the truth, I don't see how the new Survivor's division of tribes could be any more "divisive" or "dangerous to American unity" than the new NFL season. People are just stupid is all.
Now you're saying, "Yeah but they're divided by race." No they're not. That's just stupid to say. "Hispanic" and "White" are not races. And are you gonna tell me a guy with German forefathers and a guy with English forefathers are gonna bond any better with each other than they would with Asians or Hispanics or black folks just because they are both pigmentally challenged? If the Asian tribe has an Asian of Korean descent and one of Japanese descent, watch out! We all know that black people kill more black people than anyone else does. And Hispanic people never fight with each other do they? There will be far more likelihood of conflict within the tribes than between them. Mark my words.
Or maybe, just maybe the contestants might have more pressing matters on their minds than family heritage. For instance, not starving, not being eaten by sharks, staying warm and dry at night, avoiding malaria, dangerous insects, snakes and, (oh yeah), winning a million bucks.
As for the TV show creating racial conflict outside the show, again, people are stupid. Some people are saying that this show's format is frightening. Americans are always scared aren't they? Here's just another stupid reason for it. Listen, if people were being nice to people from other races for reasons other than being "scared" of what might be the result otherwise, maybe there would be no reason to feel scared about this at all.
Yes, I have a dream. I have a dream that some day human beings will evolve away that part of our brains that is the seat of long term memory. That some day people will give only a miniscule shit about who our great great great grandfathers were and who they might have been mistreating and the degree of shame, guilt or remorse we must exhibit for it. Or conversely who our forefathers were mistreated by and the proper amount of reparations we should be seeking for it. That some day people will realize that loving one's country is good, but the fact that my country and your country were at war 500 years ago should only create in me a hatred comparable to if your NFL team beat mine last week.
I'm not going to say that all people are the same because then I'd be stupid too. We all have different upbringings and experiences and some people are better or worse than others. But in this day and age skin colour, race, family heritage, home country and things like that should really be a non-issue. At least if you are not STUPID!
I'm looking forward to the survivor competitions. I will pick who I want to win and who I want to lose based 0% on what "race" they are. I will probably pick a tribe I like better than the others, but the Asians, Hispanics and black tribe have just as good a chance to be my favourite as the white tribe does even though I happen to be white. I'm hoping, and actually expecting other people to be doing the same all over the world. If they do, this Survivor may turn out to be GOOD for race relations and a positive step toward eliminating prejudice and racial profiling once and for all.
Yes I have a dream.

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